Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Friends and Family

Yesterday it was my two aunts birthday one of my aunt's turned 30 years old my other aunt turned 37 years old. Also it was my friends birthday her name is christianna she just turned 12 years old.

I went to her birthday yesterday after school. She lives in manukau. She had a cool birthday we went to manukau pools it was fun.

When we got to the pools were so excited I brought her a present I brought her a pink bop it she liked it. Then we had a little swim we were playing with each other. Then we went back to my friends house I was waiting for my mum to pick me up.

Then I saw her I said bye to my friend and everyone else. Then when my mum picked me up I went to my aunty’s birthday.

When I got to my aunt’s house I gave her a present I gave her some shiny earrings she liked it it was those little disco ones they were shiny as. When I gave her the earrings she said cool. Then she stuck them on i said that they suit her.

Then we had a chocolate cake it was nice we had red jelly with the chocolate cake. Then when we finished having jelly and the chocolate cake we left we were on our way to my other aunt's birthday. I saw my two cousin’s there we were playing outside while my mum was giving her a present.

Then my mum and my aunty said come inside so we could have dinner. We had chicken, Pasta salad, Potato salad and a bbq. It was so nice for our qqb we had meat patties, steak and sausages.

Then after our bbq we had another chocolate cake I only had one piece and then me and my two cousins went outside again to play. We were playing ball tag around the back. It was fun my two cousin’s names was katerina and coory. Then my mum was calling me so we can go back home we hopped in the car and drove home.


flora T said...

WOW I like your stroy about family and friends keep up your good work!!!

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