Monday, 9 December 2013

Action world

Last week on Friday all the yr 7s went to action world. I arrived at school in my mufti clothes and we all waited for the bus. Then the bus came we were all excited we went into the bus and then we left. Action world was in henderson. We got to action world all excited but scared at the same time.

When we went to go we all looked at the activities they looked scary. Then someone was talking and he said we could go on the activities in our groups. The first activity we went on was called the crazy ladder. I went on last.

Then after my turn the boys had their turn after the boys turn we went on to the next activity the next activity was called the jump and slide we had to line up in two lines who wants to do the jump and who wants to do the slide. I chose the slide lots of people chose the slide finally it was my turn I went up and we had to put on this sack and I went down it was fast and cool.

But I was still scared and I went of. Then after everyones turn we went to the next activity it was called free climb. I couldn't do it but i tried my best. Then after my turn everyone else went and that was our last activity then we went to have our lunch. Then after lunch we went on the other activety it was called the jungle swings.

Then when I went on I was really scared it looked high but it was actually not high. Then after everyones turn that was the last activity then the rest of the time we had free time. The activity that I went on a lot was called the jungle swings It was cool.

Then after that activity I went on the jump n slide after that activity I went on the balance rope I was scared because it looked high. Then after the balance rope this guy blew the whistle so he could show us how to do the trapeze that was the one where it was really high I didn’t do that one because it looked to high then a few minutes later it was 12:30.

We left to go back to school we hopped in the bus and we left it took half an hour to get back to school so we just got there just in time for lunch and that was the end of the yr 7s big day out.


Roz Takerei said...

Hi Javana,
I enjoyed reading your recount of the year 7's trip to Action World. I am really proud of you for over coming your fear of the Jungle Swings and going on it more then once. Keep up the good work.
Miss Takerei

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