Friday, 13 December 2013

Prize giving night

                        Prize giving night
On Thursday the 12th of December the people starting from years 5 to 8 went to prize giving. It started at seven at night time and finished at 8. When I got to the school I went to play with my friend her name is Faridah. Then at ten to seven we ran to the hall to get in our dancing lines then we went to sit down. Mr Burt came and he started talking.

Then after he was talking the year five’s went up stage to perform their dance they were good and lots of kids were cheering for their friends. The year five’s finished their dance and we were all cheering for them.

Then they went back to sit down. Mr Burt called out peoples names so they can get a prize after the people went back to sit down from getting their prize. The year 6s went up stage to perform. I started cheering for my friend Faridah and she waved at me.

They were good as well when they finished their dance I clapped and cheered. Mr Burt came out again and called people for prizes. Then after that Mr Burt said and now it’s time for the year seven item all the year seven people stood up and went on stage.

When I went on stage I was so nervous and so was some other people. Then the music started we were dancing to a song called fresh prince of bel air then we started dancing. Everybody was cheering at all of us. When we finished our dance my mum clapped and cheered.

Then we went of stage and Faridah clapped and cheered at me. Then we went to sit down and Mr Burt said peoples names to get prizes. Then after they went of stage the year 8s went to perform. After their performance everyone started cheering loud and they sat down on stage.

Then everyone turned around and we sang a song to all the parents and that song was called strive to succeed. Then after we were singing Mr Burt was talking for a little and then he said that we could leave and we all stood up and walked out the hall then my mum came and waited for me to come and then everybody went home.


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