Monday, 7 April 2014

Weekly quiz about wetas

The thing I want to write about in my quiz is the weekly quiz visual question 1 about the weta I want to write about the weta because we get them falling from every light in our house.

Because we live near a forest and those wetas on the picture are probably called tree wetas they are up to 40 mm long and they live in trees and underground. The males has much larger jaws then the females.The wetas including the females will hiss and bite when threatened. Some people keep them as pets. They live in New Zealand.

You know which one is the female when they are long and heavy. Every weta can't even jump because it's too heavy, they only jump a little when they are scared. Wetas are humongous.

1 fell through my bedroom light. I was sleeping then all of a sudden I heard something fall. I quickly got up and turned on the lights then when I was looking for it, that weta was on me it was a female one I was screaming.


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