Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My empathy explanation

Imagine the world without empathy. It would be a terrible and a horrible place to live in. People would always fight and horrifying wars across the country.

How you can show empathy:
Be nice to other people
Show respect to visitors
Be kind to people when they are sad
Don’t fight
Don’t be rude
Put yourselves in somebody else’s shoes
Be kind to the homeless people
Show manners
Be kind to visitors

Why it is important to show empathy:
There would be no fights and arguments.
There would be people being nice.
People being respectful to visitors.

Empathy is showing respect for other people. For example if there was a homeless person on the street would you help them would you give food and fresh water and money to them. If people just ignore them then that means they are being rude and disrespectful with no hearts it is always nice to give something to them to make their day.

Another way to show empathy is to be kind to people when they are sad. For example when a child is crying and if they are lost or something. You should help them find their mom and dad or who ever's looking for them so they feel less scared.

Cheering for people is another thing. If someone is in a race and they know that they are coming last, and they feel bad about themselves . you should cheer for them and tell the people near you to do the same so the person that’s in the race wouldn't feel so bad about themselves .

Empathy is a heart touching way for people to stop fights and arguments. People stopped being rude to visitors since empathy came out.


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