Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Immersion assembly

Today is Tuesday the 6th of May. Yesterday in the morning we went to assembly in the hall. When we got there we had to sit down in our chairs. There was lots of balloons in the hall.

After when we all sat down it started. Mr Burt started talking a little bit. After Mr Burt finished talking there was some teachers performing on stage.

The team that went on stage was team 1. The first lot of teachers wasn't a performance it was just a little video.

Including lots of pictures. The teacher whose name was Miss George was just telling everyone that team 1 was going to the zoo tomorrow for the whole day.

Then the next group was team 2. When they went on the stage they started performing. After their performance we were all clapping while they walked off stage. Team 3 was walking on stage then they started performing about colorful and waves.

The next team that went on stage was team 4. When they went on stage they started performing. They were performing about swimming and catching fish with a net.

It had chocolate fish inside the net if we get a question right then we have 1 and a rugby ball as well. After team 4 it was team 5.

The teachers that was performing on stage was Ms Squires, Mrs Nua, Miss Padget, Miss Clark and Mr Barks. It was showing a movie about sounds and stuff. After the movie we all clapped and Mr Burt started talking.

He was talking just a little bit he was throwing the rugby balls to everyone as well. He was saying how many balloons can carry a New York taxi and it was just a little taxi. There was 16 balloons that was carrying the taxi.

Then Mr Burt started talking. After he was talking it finished we got up of our seats. We went back to class that was the end of the assembly.


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