Thursday, 15 May 2014


Echolocation means when an animal uses a high pitched sound to locate and find its prey. When it bounces back to him then it tells him that he has found his food.
About bats:
At night time when bats find it’s prey it uses it’s ears to help see. When insects that fly are around. The bats uses it’s ears and then the sound bounces of the flying insect so the bats know where they are.

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. They mostly live in the UK. Some live in australia and the rest of the world. But heaps of them live in the UK. When bats sleep they go somewhere and they hang upside down.

Most bats sleep all day and stay up all night. They sometimes sleep where all the spider webs and all that are. The mum bats have their children one in a time.

The baby bats drink plenty of so they can be more stronger. When their wings are strong for them to fly around they have to be able to find their own food.

It only takes six weeks for the baby bats wings will be strong enough for them to fly around. Some other baby bats wings can take up until four months. In the whole wide world there are over 1,200 species.


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