Wednesday, 12 June 2013

In the weekend

                         In the weekend
In the weekend on Friday at five I went to my cousins Maria and Cheyenne’s house with my dad. When I got there Cheyenne pulled me to her room.

We played some games. The games that we played was blind flo bluff, hide n seek, and fireboy and watergirl. It was cool then after we were playing the games I went to go get my tablet.

Then when I got it I was playing with it Cheyenne was playing with her one and we were playing racing games on our tablets.

It was cool then my aunty came to Cheyenne’s room and said that tea was ready. First we washed our hands and went to the table to have tea.

For tea it was Chicken, curry sausages and mashed potato it was nice. Then after we finished tea Cheyenne and I went back to her room.

Then we played some more games. We played lots of made up games It was cool. Then after we were playing the made up games we played some more games on my tablet.

The games that we were playing was bike race, skater boy, BMX boy, subway surf, and 4 pics 1 word. They were cool games.

Then when we finished playing on my tablet we were playing some card games. The card games that we were playing was last card, snap, fishy fishy, memory game, and death.

Death is when if there are only two people playing in death then you get three glasses. One glass filled with milk, another glass filled with water and one glass filled with nothing.

The empty glass goes in the middle and you put the cards in the middle around the empty glass. Then you gotta pick up a card if you get a four you have to pour one of your drinks in the middle.

Then the game finished. Then after we were playing death we were getting sleepy it was three thirty in the morning then. Then we went to bed the next day came by and at seven in the morning I went back home with my dad.


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