Thursday, 6 June 2013

Family and friends

On friday last week it was my cousin Maria’s birthday she just turned twelve she is one year older than me. When I heard that it was her birthday my mum took me to her house after school and then my mum left.

I gave Maria three birthday presents I gave her a bop it, some clothes and makeup she loved it. Then Maria and I went to play outside we were playing around the back. We were playing ghost outside.

Then after we finished playing ghost we were playing some more games. The games that we were playing was tiggy and ball tag they were cool games.

Then after we finished playing our games we went back inside to watch tv. Then after we were watching tv we went to play in her room. Then we went to the hallway to play some games.

The games were called blind flo bluff, fireboy and watergirl and Maria made some games up. The games that she made up was cool.

Then we went back outside to play on the trampoline. A few minutes later my aunty said “we are going to my cousins house”.

My cousins names are nikau and lincoln. When we got there nikau and lincoln said happy birthday to Maria. Then we went out the back to play.

A few minutes later we left back to my aunt's house. Then my mum came to pick me up and I said “bye” to everyone and they all said “bye” back then I went back home.


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