Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Friends and family

On Saturday the 10th of August was my nans and my cousin Cheyenne’s birthday. On Friday we were putting some decorations up for my nans birthday. Then after we were doing some decorations my mum and I went home to go to sleep so we could wake up at seven in the morning.

Then when the next morning came by we had to wake up and have a quick shower so we could go to my nans place. Then when we went to my nans place we had to pick her up so my nan could come to me and my mum’s place.

Then after we dropped her off we had to quickly go to the manukau bus stop to pick up my cousin and my uncle then go straight back to Mt Wellington. Then we had to go get my nans birthday cake.

Then we had to get some more decorations at the two dollar shop then we went back to my nans house so we could do all the decorations. Then after a few hours we had finished the decorations.

Then at three in the afternoon we had to go and pick up my nan at me and my mums place then we went back to my nans place. When we got back to her place she was shocked she liked that it was all set up.

Then it was nearly night time. My dad was cooking the barbeque and my uncle was making the hangi. Then all my cousins came. When I saw my cousins we all went inside my nans place to play some games.

The games we were playing was hide n seek and blind flo bluff after those games we were playing I spy it was cool. Then my cousin came and said that tea was ready then we went back outside to have tea.

After I finished my tea my cousins and I went back inside to play I spy again. After we were playing I spy my mum came and said for everyone to come out so we could have a piece of cake. Then after the cake we went inside I went to grab my tablet and we were playing games on it.

Then straight after we were playing on my tablet my dad came and said we were going I said bye to everyone and they said bye back. Then I went to my cousins house and I went inside and I said hi they said hi back and I said Happy Birthday to Cheyenne and she said thanks then that was the
end of the birthdays.


Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Javana,
I enjoyed reading this detailed account of your day. It felt like I was there because I know what happened exactly. Great report.

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