Friday, 13 June 2014

Cold day walking to school

On a freezing frosty morning I was walking to school. I was so cold that most of my body was numb. My stomach was rumbling because I didn’t have time for breakfast.

My whole body was shaking. “ It is so cold” I thought to myself I could barely stand. “It is so foggy I could barely see a thing” I said to myself.

My hands were icy cold and my teeth were chattering. My hair was flapping everywhere and also my clothes. “I’m so late for school” I said to myself.

It was so windy that the wind was just about to push me over. The grass and the concrete was getting really icy and slippery.

It was so slippery and icy that I was slipping everywhere. I saw everyone in their cars dropping their kids off to school.

Just up the road I saw my school I was walking fast to school. “I’m finally at school” I said to myself.


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