Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Show not tell

Angry Emily

In a few minutes later Laura was going to do shopping. When Laura was going Emily came in and saw Laura grab the car keys. “Oh are you going shopping” Emily said to Laura and Laura said yes “Oh cool can I come” Emily replied back. “No because every time you come shopping with me you always embarrass me by yelling and stuff and you always say can I have this can I have that”. Laura replied back to Emily. Emily got really angry and had red cheeks and a angry face. She rolled her eyes and clenched her fist. “I hate you don’t talk to me again” Emily said back in a nasty voice. She slammed her bedroom door and locked herself inside “I’m gonna go shopping by myself one day” Emily thought to herself.

Keri was nervous
Keri is playing in a netball game. Keri woke up and went to get ready she is a really good netball player so the coach made her become captain. She was having a shower and getting ready. When she got out she quickly dried and and got dressed. She put her socks and shoes on. She was looking for her netball “I can’t find my netball” Keri said to her dad “Try look harder” her dad said back to Keri. Keri was nervous because she thought when she returned to the game everyone would have looked at her and laughed at her. She is nervous because she might have let her team down.

Tame was excited
Tame is really excited because her best friend was gonna pick her up to go on a fishing trip. Her friend rang her “Sorry but I can’t pick you up to go on a fishing trip i’m so sorry” her friend said to her on the phone. So Tame was really sad because her friend couldn't pick her up. She was getting ready to wait outside for her friend but now her friend isn’t coming.

Slone was frustrated
One day Tim and Slone was riding there bikes untill Slone’s bike (His pedal) was broken “Tim can you please help me fix my pedal” said Slone “yes I will help you” replied back Tim. They were getting really impatient because they wanted to ride their bikes “Lets get some tools to fix it” said Tim. “Yes your right” Slone replied back. When they got the tools they couldn’t fix it still. So they were really frustrated.


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