Monday, 17 December 2012

Thinking hats reflection on netbook.

When I first started school it was hard for me to learn on a netbook. But now it is getting easier for me to use one. I had a netbook for half a year now. The thing that I like doing on my netbook is I learn faster because you can type more faster and delete words if you make a mistake. It is cool working on a netbook we feel very lucky to use a netbook. The thing that happened on our netbooks is the screen is small because it is a small netbook that we work on. People say that the screen is too small because they can’t see the screen properly. We like to create stuff because we can do all kind of stuff to create. Creating is so awesome. We can create stuff on netbooks. In our netbooks we can create stuff in google draw, Tux paint, And in pizap.


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