Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Making The Team

Making the Team by Feterika Sao

  1. Did Ruby’s dad think she would make the team? How does the author show this? dad thinked that she would win but she didn't

2. Why did the coach make them do warm ups? so they can get even fitter before they do the rugby trials

3. What did Ruby and dad talk about on the way home in the car? that she would win if she didn't have a rest

4. What were the 2 things Ruby needs to work on before the trials? eating healthy and practise running

5. What was Ruby's favorite meal? macaroni and cheese

7. Complete the table below by finding verbs from the text that describe how something is being done (doing words). Find a new one on each page that is listed.
VerbsPageSentence from the story
waiting2Dad was waiting at the school gate.
starring 3ruby was looking at something
running 4she was training to run
rugby5she was playing the trials of rugby
grinning6dad was smiling at ruby

8. Use three of these different verbs from the story in a new sentence. The sentence can be about anything as long as you use the verb. (One sentence for each word). grinning dad was smiling at ruby because dad thought he was great

9. Complete the table below by finding words from the text that match the description or  meaning in column 1.
MeaningPageWord from the article
looking for a long time at one thing2clock
completely10running hard
think really hard6not eating junk


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